Timing in Relationships

The human life revolves around time and time when wasted is never recovered. There comes a time in everyone’s life when partying and being single is no longer interesting. You no longer want to flirt or date just for fun; you want something solid and stable. So what are the signs that such a time has come?

#1 Tired of the game. You have been in and out of meaningless relationships, had your fair share of one night stands, and flirted more times than you could ever keep track of. You suddenly feel this inexplicable yearning to stop and regroup your thoughts and emotions. You may be tired of not just the game, but of being single as well.

#2 You know what you want. Gone are the days of making flaky choices and thinking of the present. Confidence in yourself, your abilities and your future is a sign that you are ready for a proper relationship. When you know what you want and do not apologize for being yourself, you tend to make better decisions. This applies to every facet of life, not just on an emotional level when deciding whether you are ready for a relationship. At the end of the day, when you are confident about yourself, you can take on the world no matter what.

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So you have tried your hand in relationships and they are not working. Do not force things to work, just walk away. It is not easy to end a relationship but there is no use being together when all the two of you do is hurt each other. So when is it time to make peace and say farewell?

Signs that it is time to say bye

1.You don’t trust each other any more.

Trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship and when you lose that, it’s almost certainly time to end the relationship. The signs your relationship has gone through this is simple – you find yourself questioning the other person’s motives, abilities and reasons all the time. Everything from why she’s acting so nice to you, to how much you trust her to take something that is important to you and respect it.

2.You realize you have different values.

We all have our own values that are important to us – security, freedom, a conservative family, a liberal family, an open marriage. Whatever your values are, that’s fine, but when they begin to rub uncomfortably against your significant other, it might be an early warning sign all is not right in paradise and it might be time to end the relationship.

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The two of you have gone through hell and high water and you are still together so what next? Are you going to make it official? Well it all depends on the timing.

Signs that it is time you said your vows

1. You’re open about your finances.

Make no mistake about it: Despite your undying love and devotion, money does matter to some extent. Even if you and your partner aren’t Wall Street experts, you should at least be familiar with each other’s financial situations. If one or both of you are deeply in debt, money (or your lack thereof) could be an immediate source of conflict in your marriage. You don’t need to know each other’s salaries to the dime, but if you’re open about your savings, you’ll avoid any “You owe how much on your credit card?” moments.

2. You’ve hit a milestone.

If you’ve just made a big professional advance (like a raise or a promotion), it may be the perfect time to take the next big step in your personal life too. It’s not uncommon for people to set a career or financial goal and not want to get married until they’ve gotten a certain job title or saved enough money to buy a house or pay off debt. Your relationship is just like anything else you’ve worked hard toward, and the payoff is equally as rewarding.

3. You’ve discussed your future together.

Have you talked about your plans for your next vacation, and your plans together 10 years from now? If you and your partner speak naturally and sincerely about your future together (even if you’re not sure where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing), that sort of confidence bodes well for your path together. Even if you don’t talk about marriage early on, you can gradually build up to it as your relationship grows.

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